Do I Love Thee?

At some point in our lives we are lucky enough to find ourselves in romantic relationships that mean something to us. Each one is special and brings something different to our world that wouldn’t be there otherwise. The ultimate relationships are the ones where we think to ourselves, this could be the one that lasts a lifetime. Every relationship grows in stages and to proceed past each one we must ask the ultimate question: do I love thee?

The first stage of love is the initial contact. It’s those early days of sipping coffees and going for walks where talk is the most important order of the day. We begin to get comfortable around this new person, growing closer both mentally and physically. You discuss your dreams and your goals in life. You run through your list of likes and dislikes. You open your life and begin to let your true self become exposed. It doesn’t take long before you’re asked to face the decision of becoming more serious. The next step involves a commitment. It’s the first time you’ll have to answer the question: do I love thee? Continue reading Do I Love Thee?