Possible Dangers During Rhinoplasty Recovery

Rhinoplasty surgery Plano TX is invasive, and requires some time for recovery. When you have the procedure done, you should expect to spend at least one week home from work, and understand that your face won’t look entirely normal for another couple of weeks. There are some necessary behavior shifts that you should be aware of while you’re recovering from Rhinoplasty.

Physical Problems That Could Occur

The tissue around your nose is very sensitive after Rhinoplasty. Even the slightest bump can cause damage that will have a serious impact on how successful the results of your surgery are. Avoid any activity that could cause anything to come into contact with your nose or face. Don’t go swimming, lift anything that is over 20 pounds, or place glasses directly on your nose. If the tissue is damaged, it could cause bleeding under the skin, which can lead to a hematoma that will have to be removed through surgery. Some patients experience numbness of the area, or permanent nerve damage.

Depression is Common

Immediately following Rhinoplasty, your face will have bruises and substantial swelling. Sometimes the long healing period can cause you to feel disappointed or depressed because you’re anxious to see the results of the surgery. It can be difficult to see yourself in the mirror while your face is swollen and bruised. Dealing with the pain can also cause feelings of depression or frustration. It’s a good idea to find activities to engage your brain and distract you during the early healing process when you are unable to do much physical activity.

Patience is the Key

The most dangerous complications after Rhinoplasty surgery are usually caused by patients who don’t follow their doctor’s post-operative instructions carefully. You can cause serious damage by doing things you aren’t supposed to do while you are recovering. If you are patient and do the things your doctor tells you to do, your recovery will happen faster and you’ll be more pleased with the results of your surgery. The majority of patients who are disappointed with their Rhinoplasty results are the ones who weren’t careful during recovery. It doesn’t matter how wonderful or skilled your doctor is if you ruin the work by ignoring recovery instructions. Just remind yourself that if you can be patient for two weeks, you’ll love your new nose for the rest of your life.

Revision Rhinoplasty For Male Patients

So, what’s the difference between women and male revision rhinoplasty? Well, actually the technique is the same but it tends to be more complicated when it is done for men. Conducting the surgery for three-dimensional nose surely takes years of practices and expertise. This requires surgeon who’s mastering revision rhinoplasty to make it perfectly done. The concept for rhinoplasty itself is now changing. Now, the surgery requires less to achieve more result. This means for less cartilage repositioning, cartilage excision, structural grafting, camouflage techniques and also less suturing techniques. The main reason that makes revision surgery for men is more complex is because men tend to have more unrealistic expectation. The difficulty of male revision rhinoplasty also defines for more difficult nasal tip procedure.

Revision rhinoplasty functional and anatomic evaluation

Usually, revision rhinoplasty specialist needs to at first evaluate the overall detailed anatomic of male nose before applying the revision rhinoplasty. This also involves the evaluation to detect any functional abnormality. The result of the evaluation itself will be used before male revision rhinoplasty to decide whether the male patient is at risk or not for the cartilage subluxation of upper lateral and internal valve collapse. From the documentation of revision rhinoplasty photos, the surgeons can find out the postoperative nasal deformity which is present and also the sites of the nasal obstruction.

After the evaluation is done, the surgeons will create the general surgical plan. In this related plan, they also will note down the potential revision rhinoplasty swelling, problems and complications which are already identified and this is important for surgeons to avoid it from happening. Usually, the prevention will be conducted by applying the most suitable technique for male revision rhinoplasty. As an additional note, the plan can change if there will be any nasal surgery during the revision surgery.

Revision rhinoplasty preparation

  • Always bring your overall medical records to let the surgeons whether you have health issues or not because it can also affect revision rhinoplasty
  • Bring your operative reports from your initial surgery
  • Bring the photographs of your native nose

Those documents will be used by best revision rhinoplasty surgeons to identify the problems you have after you have experienced the initial surgery. During the consultation, you should also tell your surgeons about the actual problem you are experiencing. It’s good to be done just in case if your paper documentation hasn’t completely described current problems. Don’t forget that you only hire the best and world best doctors revision rhinoplasty for your male revision rhinoplasty to avoid any mistakes.


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